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Nematanthus Care

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Meet Nematanthus: This vine is a member of the Coffee family, although it bears no resemblance at all. It will grow in full to partial sun. It does well indoors and out, and can grow to 15 feet as long as it is supported well.

  • Light: Nematanthus plants can be grown in full sun or partial shade when planted or summered outside. When grown inside as a houseplant, the Nematanthus plant prefers full sun from south or west-facing windows.
  • Pet FriendlyYes
  • Water: During periods of active growth, typically from spring until fall, the Nematanthus plant prefers evenly moist soil. However, during the winter, when the plant is dormant, it requires little water to survive. Watering once or twice a month may be all your plant needs during the winter months, but always use your plants health as a guide; wilted or shriveled leaves indicate your plant needs more water.
  • Humidity: Medium
  • TemperatureIn cooler climates, the plant should be moved inside when temperatures drop below 50° F at night to allow the plant to adjust to indoor temperatures. It can be overwintered as a houseplant and returned to the outside when weather warms in the spring.
  • Difficult LevelEasy



   Common Problems Q&A

 Why are my leaves curling up?

This is generally a sign your plant is not receiving enough light. Try moving your plant to a spot with more sun, preferably full sun or partial shade.

Why are my leaves dropping or shriveling?

Your plant may not be receiving enough water. Water your plant when the surface of the soil is dry to the touch.
Why is my plant experiencing leggy growth?

This may also be a symptom of low light. we recommend you pinch back your goldfish plant after blooming to encourage branching and bushier growth.