What a Plant will do for you....

Your body heals faster.


Plants and flowers in a patient's room accelerated the patient's recovery process, compared to those who had no green foliage in their room. The habit of simply looking at the plants and/or horticultural products in general provides patients with an excellent outlet to relax and build calmness, allowing the body's natural immune system to work better. The presence of greenery in your space encourages calmness, which aids in your body's healing process.


Plants can help you improve your relationship with your friends, family and colleagues.


Studies have shown that those who own and care for plants are more empathetic. Those who care for plants build compassion as they connect and nurture their own green collection, and the built-up compassion then spills over directly into the personal habits of the plant keeper.


They can help you produce more accurate work results.


The calming effect of green can help you focus better, which can help


generate more accurate results. The green foliage helps create a sense of calm and promotes a positive work environment, which in turn influences the plant owner to concentrate and produce better work results. People aren't kidding when they say, "Get some air, it'll help you think better!"


They filter your space for better air quality.


A study conducted in 1973 by NASA. Volatile compounds that could make people sick were placed in a controlled room prior to the introduction of the houseplants. Those who entered the room experienced physical discomfort and burning eyes etc. However, by adding houseplants to the controlled room, the plants had successfully purified the air around them, removing the harmful toxins in the air and thereby eliminating all physical symptoms .



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